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  1. yeah i know that there is two independent rs232 to ttl converters in the MAX232 chip that was not the problem.. what i meant was about capacitor on pin 2,it was not wired with VCC like in your picure.. what ever.. what is important it worked;p.. ONE MORE TIME THANK YOU, AND THANK GRADUS2
  2. As far as I know the MAX232N is exactly the same as the other versions, so you can use the exact same schematic for it: Greetz, Peter. whell at the pictures i've posted there is some diferences.. but after all i use your advice that the max232 = max232n and i use your picture to build rs232->ttl.. the most important thing, it works, and also procedure explained at first page, about fixing bsy state also work.. so: THANK YOU GUYS, A HAVE MY DATA BACK,
  3. Hi everyone, my hdd seems to be in bsy state, so i want to try the procedure explained here, but there is a problem (i am from macedonia and i can't find rs232 to ttl converter). i try to build one, and i only found MAX232N, now i am searching the circuit for that chip.. it seams to be different than MAX232 or MAX232A.. any help (circuit, pcb, components) would be helpfull. I found some circuit but I am not sure about it so i will need confirmation so i start building it.. thank you there is pictures for both MAX232 and MAX232N chips, i just need that the one for MAX232N will be ok for the procedure my hdd is segate (barracuda 7200.11 500 gb) i've by it 12-2008...