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  1. Can you change mine to "StupidBatch" or "qubit" ?
  2. Does anyone want to start a private or public pastebin / googledoc / etc for merging what is removable in what way with a list of the packages? Certain packages have changed slightly, and there are many new ones. Some labels / descriptions are cryptic, even in Lego's WinKit. Also, possibly figuring out what errors from vLite / RT7lite (there are a few reasons to use those two, if the final product is compatible, and it seems to function by extracting the wim / applying then loading).
  3. FYI, If you Apply and capture the Index1 install wim using gimagex, Windows 8 loads in vlite and rt7lite. Not sure on anything else, basing my testing on how win7sp1 is done in rt7lite then vlite