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  1. I've been doing some reading at Microsoft , there was a thread about APM/legacy nodes and ACPI and Symetrical Processing. It was a little too technical for me but since my motherboard is a dual cpu setup, it seems that this option might not work. Does anyone else have a dual cpu setup running XP.
  2. Thanks for the reply. The system is an ABit BP6 dual celeron 366@595. Pretty standard stuff really. I had the system running with Win98se and then just unplugged the hard drive plugged in a spare drive and installed XP. When I revert back to the originial Win98se drive , the system powers down by itself. When I plug in the XP drive, it goes to the "system is ready to shutdown now" screen and just sits there. I don't believe it's a bios issue due to the fact that under 98se it works proberly.
  3. Hi all, thanks for the replies, nothing worked, so I re-installed XP on top of the previous installation. Its up and running now. Before the system crashed, I had a problem with Norton System works 2002. It claimed a system file wa not associated or something, Norton antivirus had stopped working - computer freeze. After re-installing XP, norton still didn't work, so Iv'e unistalled System works. Curious if anyone else had any problems with System Works 2002 ? THanks again.
  4. Tried hitting F8 and using last known good, tried safe mode, debugging mode, etc all give the same results. Should I reload XP ? Without reformatting, can I re-install ontop of the existing XP installation, keeping my apps installed ?
  5. Hi group, I had my first crash in XP. The system wouldn't respond, so I did a power-off reset. Now the system boots, first black screen with the anaimation, then the second blue screen( light blue center with darker blue bars above and below.)- then stops. The mouse works but thats about it. Tried to boot in safe mode , same thing. Tried the other options after pressing F8, same thing. How do I recover from this ? Any help appreciated.
  6. I 'm using what is commonly reffered to as Devil's Own Corp. iso. This was a clean install. I just used a different hard drive. I kept my old drive with w98 se loaded. With the win98 drive plugged in the machine shut's itself off. With the newer XP hard drive installed I just get the ready to shut windows screen. From past experience though, I 've fixed some win 98 problems by re-installing on top of the original win98 install. My question was , is there a special wat to do this with XP, and how to ensure that my shutdown problem would be fixed. Thanks.
  7. Hi group, I recently posted about my problem of Win XP not turning off my system. I didn't get much response so I might try another tact. What would the correct procedure be to re-install XP ontop of the existing XP setup. Are there any measures I can take to ensure that the power management "APM" tab shows up this time ? This would need to be ticked off to get Win XP to shut it's self off and is not available on my setup( or I can't find it !)
  8. No Iv'e learnt't from past experience, not to Adaptec writing soft. I do have the regular burning soft installed ie : Nero,Diskjuggler, CloneCd, Cdrwin, etc.I don't believe its a burning soft issue.It behaved this way right from the get go. Bobs
  9. Hi group, sorry for this newbee queestion. I 'm running Xp on my system. Before this I was running 98se on the exact same hardware, except the hardrive( I swap to go back to 98se). When running 98se the os shuts the system down, when running XP all I get is the" ready to close Windoze" screen. THis makes me have top hold the power button x'seconds to turn off the system. I have read in another thread that I have to enable APM. The problem is I don't have this box to tick off. Where is it ? Can I repair this install ? Any other suggestions? Bobs