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  1. The tutorial on the first page is still the only one you'll need; you could use the link provided by BetKing above if you're looking for another layout of the instructions, but they're basically identical. Greetz, Peter. Thanks Peter. I found the tutorial BetKing posted before, it looks more detailed and has pictures so I'll probably try using that one. Little problem to start off with though, my Seagate drive is in a LaCie enclosure: So I'm going to need to remove the drive, yes? What is the circuit board you can see, is that LaCie or Seagate? Will it come out ok, because both the power and USB data cable of the external HD go into the side where that circuit board is... Sorry! Greg.
  2. So I've got a LaCie external HD with a BSY Seagate inside. Guessing I'll beable to get no help from either LaCie or Seagate, so looks like I've be doing this. My question, is the tutorial on the first page of this thread the one to follow? Or is there an updated or better one somewhere? I'm pretty good with computers but never done anything like this before, so the more detailed the better. Thanks.