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  1. IT LIVES AGAIN! Thanks to jaclaz for those wonderful links, connecting the CA-42 red wire to the 5v rail worked perfectly! Almost botched it by forgetting capitalization in the commands, but all is well. Thanks again all!
  2. I just got the Nokia Ca-42 cable today, installed the drivers, connected the cable... nada. No detection at all. As far as I know his is the "genuine" cable from Thailand (S/N:108382627301), and I've tried all the drivers I can find online. The included disk has NO visible INF files (they must be packed inside another file). Also tried it on my wife's computer to no effect. Can anyone give me suggestions, other than return said cable?
  3. Howdy! New member here. I have a friends Seagate ST3500320AS that has apparently bricked (not detected in BIOS). I installed it in his computer some time ago, but don't rightly remember if I flashed the firmware or not. (I bought the same drive at the same time, and I flashed mine and another friends, so I think I did his too.) I have tried swapping the board on the drive with mine, and the BIOS does see it. However it reports a secondary master drive error, and a drive size of 0MB. OS does not see it at all. My questions are: does this sound like the LBA/firmware issue? Does swapping the board on a LBA error'd drive resolve the issue, or do I have to attempt 'the fix'. Thanks!