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  1. It´s a german magazin. And its really good (I´m german)
  2. thanks
  3. can someone invite me please
  4. i´m sorry, too. hard drives crashs often on coding projects...
  5. but i installed it already on my computer. can´t i use now the %programfiles%\Radeon Omega Drivers\v2.5.97 Beta folder?
  6. Hello, How can i make a Silent install from the omega driver?
  7. much thanks that was it
  8. need help
  9. need help plz
  10. directx is in sp2... you need dotned installed when you need it lol. sp2 don´t need dotnet
  11. i using uxtheme.dll .The shutdownlink is in no style
  12. right so?: <execute display='Extras' program='net user aspnet' arguments='/delete' hide='true' />
  13. is something wrong in my tweaks?
  14. nad the answer of my question ?
  15. (attached) regfile.txt