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  1. Anyone tried to install VisualBasic 2005 IDE on Win98?
  2. This-> http://www.diamondmm.com/s9250pci256-diamond-amd-radeon-9250pci-256mb-ddr-video-graphics-card.html
  3. DX9c oct 2006 (last dx with 9x support) http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=7104
  4. No, and i don't need that. I always use nod, but approximately 2 years ago, I used Avast, not long, about 1 month and than i back to NOD, because I saw that Avast "says" that, there will be upgrades to May 1, 2012. That is why I was back to nod32. Now I plan to try ClamWin + Clam Sentinel.
  5. This is about Nod, not Avast. I do not know what the situation with Avast, I'll have to check.
  6. Why? And Why not?
  7. Of course, it's time to look for another AV solution. Well, I actively use the FE and only sometimes SE.
  8. ESET Nod32 v2.7 for 9x Support ends May 29, 2012. So, we only have 2 more months to download virus signature database updates... I see that info this morning when I downloaded the upgrades.
  9. I think it is clear, Audacity 2.0 works in Win98/ME, but you need this ANSI version: http://sourceforge.net/projects/audacity/files/audacity/2.0.0/audacity-win-2.0-ansi.exe
  10. Maybe this is easier solution for transparency of icon labels. Source: www.computerhope.com/download/win95/transparent42.zip Transparent icon lbl.exe
  11. Too bad , it means that death is coming for win98 ^felicitas: I Agree... @Xeno86 I think that a one man can not continue the development of this project because you're developing it for years, and as developer you know how it can be hard to understand someone's code, i think it is necessary to include more people. ^Xeno86 So, do it. I like the 9x platform, and I have VisualStudio 6 and I know C/C++ and Win32 API, so maybe I can implement a few things. But here's what i can not do, i can not debugging and i can not make the installation packages because it is too boring for me
  12. I will send you my email to PM, because I think it would be more practical if we communicate via email.
  13. Here is how is he doing now
  14. Hi dencorso , I already know this but I was a little confused because he (Mr. RLoew) mentioned that the application should run from DOS, also my English is not perfect so I can not always clearly say what i want but now it does not matter. ^RLoew sorry you waited this long but I had to first change the video card because modded nvdia drivers causes Windows Protection Fault when I go to MS Dos Mode. ADUMP.zip