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  1. According to Seagate's website, the latest firmware for an ST3500620AS is also version SD1A, so I guess you can safely flash it with that version, but don't blame me when things go wrong if you do decide to try it before getting feedback from LaCie... That's great to hear, pennox! Did you have to perform specific actions to get this cable to work? Maybe you can sum up a little list of things to do, in case other people also want to use this type of cable. Greetz, Peter. OK' I'll show to others,how it's work.! for the first u just need serial cable sie c55/m55 this already to use,no modification require or no power 3.3v,2.7v,5v because it's built in power from rs232 chip on this serial cable. This serial have 3 line colors : WHITE=TX BLUE=RX BLACK=GROUND I don't know this standart color or no.!( maybe diferrent with other product,but same type for c55/m55) How connect to hdd? White(TX)----->RXHDD Blue (RX)----->TXHDD Black ------>Pin Ground HDD I use serial com port 1 to connect to HyperTerminal , plug in the power hdd ,sata not connected..! Do command like on the tutorial page..!! AND DONE.!
  2. I'm succesfully with serial cable siemens c55/m55 with no error..!I can see my data back..perfectly.! Thank's MSFN