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  1. which build version ur using? 1.0.6. Windows 7 Ultimate.
  2. After RT7Liting an image I got a decent build with a few minor mistakes like personalize menu not working properly and such, stuff I don't mind at all. The one problem I have is this really annoying start menu object that wont go away, I removed "Help" from the component remover in RT7Lite so it is not installed. The entry for it in "Customize" is not even there so I don't have a way to remove these. So I am wondering if there is anyone who just happens to be a start menu wiz that wouldn't mind helping me out?
  3. /Hugest facepalm ever. You cant slim down 7 with 7C yet beacuse (as u answered your own question) that function isnt implented yet.. Thanks for the hugest facepalm ever, but I was referring to Zumoc's post showing his slimmed down windows 7, pojken. I have read the RT7lite thread and noticed he posted the same thing there, so I am going to assume he used RT7lite and posted his results here aswell for the purpose of showing off.
  4. Wait, how exactly do I slim windows 7 down with this app? It says component removal isn't implemented yet :/