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  1. This is just newest WineD3D 1.9.24 with some patches from Andrew Wesie running Crysis 3. Game menu: ] Gaming with corruted textures:
  2. I think we can run Opera 39 dev build which is newer than Chrome 50 and is based on Chrome 51. I've added a bit more exports to my Extended Kernel for 2003 and Opera 39 starts, shows a browser window and crashes right after start. It needs more digging, I will try to do my best working around on it.
  3. Only up to 50's version. I don't certainly know why. Fails at the beginning at Chrome.exe
  4. I can't manage how to fix Menu bar in Photoshop CC 2015. Here is my binaries, but they are only for Windows Server 2003 SP2. You can directly put all these files into your System32 but I don't give any warranty it will work on your configuration!! So backup your original kernel32.dll;advapi32.dll;shell32.dll;user32.dll;psapi.dll;version.dll;ws2_32.dll;msvcrt.dll I get this when I click on menu bar:
  5. I took Samuka's and XomPie wrappers and picked most neccessary and reliable functions from both wrappers and put into my native kernel32.dll and shell32.dll and managed to run Photoshop CC 2015. But it still has many bugs, but it runs. I hadn't to modify Photoshot binaries (they are a lot), I just modified native kernel32.dll and shell32.dll forwarding nt6 functions to wrapper dlls. I think the best thing we can get is a solid wrapper (without msvcp* sh*t) that allows us to forward functions from native kernel to a wrapper dll.
  6. CSMT is good for DX9, DX9Ex, but bad for DX10/11. It causes visual artifacts in many DX10/11 games supported by Wine, Tropico 5 for example.
  7. I know there's a difference in makefile between wined3d and wined3d-csmt. EXTRADEFS = -DSTAGING_CSMT MODULE = wined3d-csmt.dll .....
  8. TuMaGoNx, You can improve your D3D9Ex implementation by enabling CSMT by default. I usually use Wine-Patched build with csmt. It allows to run Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition and other games also it dramatically improves performance.
  9. If you need to implement DC creation function in wined3d for Windows XP you can create a user-memory ddraw surface (i.e., set DDSD_LPSURFACE) on the memory and call GetDC() on that. The functionality does exist on older Windows function in the form of GdiEntry7(). That approach implies introducing a dependency on ddraw into wined3d. This is not easy to do but easier than to revert CreateDIBSection as was before. In my build I just unimplement D3DKMT* dependencies that causes DC creation to malfunction. But for D3D10 and 11 apps we don't need it in most cases.
  10. Opera 38.0.2205.0 (Chromium 51.0.2687.0) is the latest version of Opera I managed to port to Windows 2003 (NT5.2).
  11. Hi, guys! I managed to backport Chrome 50.0.2661.102 beta-m to Windows 2003 (Windows XP x64), but not for XP x86, because it requires some more wrapped functions. Also I turned on ANGLE DX9Ex hardware acceleration, but it really glitching. I also confirm that ported Opera 37 (Chromium 50 based browser) is a way more stable with HW accel rather than Chrome or other Chromium-based browsers. Special thanks BlackWingCat for helping me.
  12. fix128 is alternative russian 4GT hack that unlocks all possible PAE supported memory. It also replaces some drivers for proper functionalty on PAE-enabled XP systems.
  13. you can use fix128 to remove XP limit up to 128GB.
  14. If you have created the topic just give a link, we will support it.
  15. It could be very useful if you would post a petition or just open a thread at least at GeForce forums about Vukan support for XP. I think you should do this only for NVIDIA because AMD and Intel abandoned XP users long time ago and IMO their drivers quality is a crap.