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  1. Opera 38.0.2205.0 (Chromium 51.0.2687.0) is the latest version of Opera I managed to port to Windows 2003 (NT5.2).
  2. Hi, guys! I managed to backport Chrome 50.0.2661.102 beta-m to Windows 2003 (Windows XP x64), but not for XP x86, because it requires some more wrapped functions. Also I turned on ANGLE DX9Ex hardware acceleration, but it really glitching. I also confirm that ported Opera 37 (Chromium 50 based browser) is a way more stable with HW accel rather than Chrome or other Chromium-based browsers. Special thanks BlackWingCat for helping me.
  3. fix128 is alternative russian 4GT hack that unlocks all possible PAE supported memory. It also replaces some drivers for proper functionalty on PAE-enabled XP systems.
  4. you can use fix128 to remove XP limit up to 128GB.
  5. If you have created the topic just give a link, we will support it.
  6. It could be very useful if you would post a petition or just open a thread at least at GeForce forums about Vukan support for XP. I think you should do this only for NVIDIA because AMD and Intel abandoned XP users long time ago and IMO their drivers quality is a crap.
  7. I don't know whether it should be GeForce forums or NVIDIA Developer forums.
  8. How naive, this is futile because WDDM driver should be backported. XPDM driver cannot recognize sm4/sm5 opcodes for direct3d . But even if he will really backport WDDM driver (I am very doubt of it) he will at least lose GDI/GDIPLUS HW accel on which XP's interface relies. The best solution to implement DX10/11 for XP is DX to OGL wrapper at this moment. WineD3D is the most suitable for now. And it doesn't concern me much, because it will certainly be implemented soon, this is just a question of time. Vulkan support for XP mostly concerns me, I hoped that NVIDIA would implement Vulkan support in their new drivers, but they didn't. WE NEED TO "ATTACK" NVIDIA TO MAKE THEM BRING VULKAN SUPPORT FOR XP AS THEY PROMISED! : P
  9. All I can say, Dibya is a fraudster. 1) kernel32.dll and other dlls were stolen from BlackWingCat's WindowsXP-KB2584577-v0.4-x86-ENU.exe Here is MD5 of BlackWingCat's kernel32.dll extended for XP: DFB76D26C9F67EF92571D9F4D5A9A60A And here is MD5 of kernel32.dll from DibyaDX11-x86-ENU-v1.exe package: DFB76D26C9F67EF92571D9F4D5A9A60A They are equal. MD5 completely matches, functions list is the same. And all we perfectly know that BlackWingCat is an assembler guru, read his blog. 2) He said he took original d3d10.dll from Vista Beta 2, but in fact there is d3d10.dll 7.0.6002.23771 inside his package which is Vista SP2 LDR. I managed to successfuly use Vista's native d3d10.dll with my WineD3D build by writing a stub function for d3d10core.dll that native d3d10 required. Of course I wanted to use latest compatible native version of d3d10.dll which was taken from Vista LDR update (this trick should be added to Winetricks). And after all I kindly presented my WineD3D build to BlackWingCat for his Win2K KernelEx because I am excited of his incredible work. See this post And now I communicate with BlackWingCat personally and we are both interested in bringing DX10/11 to Windows 2000/XP/2003/ReactOS. So this project is WIP and mostly depends of official WineD3D developement and it is too early to advertise it because it is still unreliable, just for simple applications. 3) He said he took wined3d from adolfintel But unfortunately guys, adolfintel's wined3d build is somewhat wrong, perhaps he incorrectly applied Wine Staging patches so his build cannot run any Direct3D 10/11 application at all. And starting from WineD3D 1.9.8 the GetDC() function was switched to D3DKMT dependency that is unavailable on NT5.x. So there is no point of using adolfintel's wined3d build for XP. Maybe I will personally contact adolfintel and give him an advice how to correctly apply Staging patches. BTW, those posts about ReactOS files in adolfintel's website are mine, I also took part in ReactOS hardware testing so I am very closely associated with ReactOS team, and if you know ReactOS's Win32 API is based on Wine so I offered in adolfintel's blog to use ReactOS wined3d files as fully Windows XP compatible. And we need to remember: WineD3D is a property of WineHQ and Crossover and it is open source, so I don't claim anywhere that I ported anything, unlike Dibya claims. Dibya had to be a good guy, I like his sign "Fighting against death of Windows XP" but he shouldn't assign foreign labor to himself and try to justify his false.
  10. Yes, but it was on other unofficial WineD3D branch (PigFlyGames) that contained more D3D10, but almost nothing of D3D11. I expect to get a little better of DX10 and 11 in the end of week.
  11. I have almost the same results as you, here is basiccompute11 log: And have the same DirectX10 Tutorials behavior, because Wine is not complete and this is a Wine's bug. But it develops fast from recent time, and almost everyday Wine get commits for DirectX10-11. I will release updated WineD3D for Windows at the end of week that will include some more DX10-11 patches and commits.
  12. Here is updated version of WineD3D 1.9.6 for Windows including my customizations. It includes initial support of Direct3D 10/11, Direct2D, Direct3D 9Ex and DirectWrite (requires several Vista+ functions). Yes, it is not complete and doesn't allow to run most of D3D10/11 apps, but really allows to run simple D3D10/11 apps and you can check and maybe find more working apps. Direct2D and DirectWrite are not working completely but it needs more testing though. Also DirectWrite is incompatible with WinXP/2003 because of functions lack. GDI32.DLL: GetFontFileInfo GetFontRealizationInfo KERNEL32.DLL: GetLocaleInfoEx IsValidLocaleName LCIDToLocaleName Divekick D3D11 game running on Windows Server 2003 SP2: You can download updated binaries and test on Win2000/XP/2003: And as always BIG thanks to WineHQ and Crossover!
  13. Is it feasible to add following functions to BWC's KernelEx? iphlpapi.dll: ConvertInterfaceLuidToGuid kernel32.dll: AcquireSRWLockExclusive AcquireSRWLockShared InitializeSRWLock ReleaseSRWLockExclusive ReleaseSRWLockShared It is needed for Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 to run. These functions are missing on Win2003, so I suppose they should be missing on W2K too.
  14. It works on XP SP3 NT5.1 as well as on Win2003. Tested on Acer Aspire TravelMate 5520G with HD2400XT onboard. I just had to install your Vista's msvcrt.dll update, also MSVCR90 and DirectX redist files may be required. Here is a little bit more updated version: Changes: -Added SM4 UGE opcode recognition from Wine upstream I noticed one interesting thing, when you copy these D3D libs to System32 folder, Crysis 2007 runs with a "-dx10" switch but the screen is black and sound is playing. If you are experienced in C programming you can wisely merge Wine-Staging-patched repository with PigFlyGames repository. I tried to do it myself, but not all the patches can be merged correctly. Wine-Staging-patched repo: PigFlyGames repo:
  15. I enhanced this WineD3D branch somewhat, here is the download link: Changes: - Some implementations from Wine upstream - Updated d3d10.dll according to KB3015171 BlackWingCat, I haven't tested it on Windows XP yet, cuz I need XP with support of msvcrt.dll from Vista, I don't have such a computer on hand. But it works on Win2003 without problems. I compile these binaries with "-march=presscott" flag, maybe your problems are because of lack of SSE3 support.