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  1. ok then ! my mistake was to believe i needed to be in the 40 µs range under windows 7. Thanks for your expertise and kindness André, you are a true blessing for all of us !
  2. As i tried to update my PC since previous post, i did a new xperf. Here is it's summary table :
  3. Hello MagicAndre & friends, I join this thread hoping you can help me improve my DPC latency. Back in XP SP3, DPC latency used to stick around 40-50 µs. Within win7 64, I don't have huge red spikes often, but yellow ones (1070 µs for example) happen quite easily, and overall my latency is in the 300-400 µs range, which feels too much and uncomfortable : this is supposed to be a fully functionnal DAW for me to earn a living with it. Xperf shows an unknown module and it's function 0xfffffa8002fb20f0 which i suspect is reponsible for the situation. Please find with this post a .txt summary of my PC a screen shot of DPC latency checker a screen shot of xperf's Summary table Best Regards.