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  1. Hi again, here are the pics: this is the graph I get usage summery of interrupts usage summery of the DCP Hope they help andthanks again.
  2. Hi andre I'm hoping that you could help me with my laptop issues. Firstly my CPU runs at aprx. 55% when nothing strainuous is being done, aslo when it is running at that % after a while my connection to my network becomes unidentified and the only way to get reconnected to the network is by restarting my laptop. I've tried disabling then re-enabling the ethernet controller in device manager but it doesn't help. I believe that the two problems are connected as I have never been disconnected from the network while the cpu % usage is normal. I have gone through the steps that you gave us for identifying the cause of the high CPU usage and from the graph, ACPI.sys has the highest counts. I don't know very much about computers and how to read the graph so could you please help me in this regard. This is my 1st forum post too so I'm not too sure how to upload an image, do I click on insert image and drag the image into the box there? Thanks for your time and will appreciate any help I can get.