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  1. Hm ok thanks. I have`nt seen the READ_ME_FIRST thread. Maybe it would be better to put it on the top at the first page... It`s the same converter Gradius used, so i think it should do the work.
  2. I just bought this converter. On the first page on the photo from the whole setup up there isn`t any SATA-powercable connected to the HDD. This is, why i am a bit confused.
  3. Hello Guys...i have some question`s about the "power" thing. Do i have to connect the PCB with the battery AND put a SATA-power cable on the HDD or is the battery enough ? And in case off only using the battery ... does the powering off and on thing means that i just have to disconnect the battery for about 10secs and then put in on again ? greetz z.