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  1. Thanks.. will check it out. EDIT: couldnt load the session,thanks anyways, i managed to reduce iso to 1.6 gb, will test it now,and should I clean my prev posts?
  2. OS is x64, but the iso i am working on is x86
  3. I am using 1.07, can u please give me a session, just to see if i get get it below 2.3gb, it always stays at that.Wonder what mistake i am doing.
  4. sorry for sounding like a noob,i tried removing components but my ISO size never only the installation size will change? Also, can someone provide a good session file?
  5. sorry, felt lazy, what with like 40 pages!! yeah, disabled MSE and works better now! thanks!!
  6. Hello, i cant get this program to work in win7 x64 amd processor.After the dialogue i select win7 ultimate and the progress bar is just stuck at loading image forever.I am using MSE antivirus and my UAC is disabled too.I have the right latest version installed too. Also will this tool allow me to trim down my ISO just like vlite?
  7. I already have dism imagex and oscdimg, but dont have waik.
  8. Can i get this to work without WAIK, its too big to download!!