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  1. For W2K, Parseus offers an extension: HFSLIPFC-2K. Put this file also in the HFSLIP-folder, fill the SOURCES-folder with W2K and start the file-checker. If you have an older INI, rename your current hfslipfc.ini and let hfslipfc create a new INI. There are some other options for W2K Fine... today i will give a try. I had slipstreamed all your updates (except SP3) on my Windows Professional SP3 CD (MSDN ISO) the slipstream went fine, the instalation fine, all ok... then i got online to check for updates... it still shows KB905474! (Windows Genuine Notifications) I read on the now dead Hfslip homepage about this... which update must I have? should I inspect Windows Update.log (On Windows Folder) and see where Windows Update goes fetch the update? Or the update always proceeds this way (Will Always going to list as a missing update)? Besides that point... It's fully working All well slipstreamed! I Will Proceed to Slipstream a Windows 2000 CD Thanks a Lot mim0 If i could help you guys... shout!
  2. ups... I've forgotten to add this link. Sorry. Coming soon... btw... The new link doesn't offer this file. I take the previous link. That's strange... I'm going to slipstream your updates today. And see if something is missing. I will reply asap. Good job on your xp updates... I was wondering... do you have a filechecker for Windows 2000? I'm going to make a final Windows 2000 Slipstream... because it's support is going to end in two days... Let's see what can be done.
  3. I've uploaded it to this address:
  4. I asked Windows Messenger 5.1 Portuguese (Portugal) PTG in Windows XP Newsgroups... Keep the good work HFSleepers Courtesy of the lovely Menthix: -- Jonathan Kay Microsoft MVP - Windows Live Messenger MSN Messenger/Windows Messenger MessengerGeek Blog: Messenger Resources: © 2010 Jonathan Kay - If redistributing, you must include this signature or citation 4 days to go!