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  1. Hi everyone, I also have massive DPC latency issues (spikes >60.000us in DPC Latency Checker), but it doesn't come with high CPU usage at all! If I analyse the .etl file of Win Perf Analyser, the Interrupt and DPC CPU usage is just around 0,5% See the attached screens. When I restart my PC the latency problem is away for 5 minutes or so and then gets worse by the minute. It slows down almost any application (Windows runs like I have a 1Ghz Celeron) and seriously distorts sound playback esp. in video files. System is almost unworkable. Any idea what could be causing this? Hardware failure maybe? Or a driver problem? I will upload the .etl file to SkyDrive asp. System specs: Asus P5Q, Intel Core2Duo Q6600, 3GB DDR2 1066Mhz, ATI Radeon 4870, Win 7 x64