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  1. Hi. I can use install.esd file instead of install.wim in windows 8 and windows 10, but seen windows 7 can't support this format for install windows. Know I need know is there any way to use .esd file in windows 7 image ? Thanks.
  2. Thanks for Reply. Is your mean that All 32Bit Windows(7,8.1,10) can't boot in EFI mode? mean EFI mode is only for 64Bit Operating system? After merged two Image 32Bit and 64Bit in to one Install.wim, I put it to 32Bit Iso. in DVD Image there is a efi folder that there is two folder in it: Boot :in this folder there is bootia32.efi. microsoft ==> Boot : there is 8 file. I think for support EFI, I should add bootx64.efi inside efi ==> Boot folder in beside bootia32.efi. but I don't know this way is correct or not.
  3. Hi. I Merged two Image 32Bit and 64Bit in to one Install.wim. now I want know for support both 32bit and 64bit UEFI, what should I do? can I merge bootia32.efi and boox64 together for support dual UEFI(32 & 64Bit)? Thanks.
  4. Hi. I merged all edition of windows 10 (v1511 build 10586) and used Windows 10 enterprise x86 iso for them. but only show Enterprise edition in list of windows. anyone know how can fix this problem? Thanks.
  5. for clean work I want hide main window. I find solution for run installer. Thanks for guides.
  6. also I changed it o zero in Option Wizard at general tab. but i need hide this page and only show Installer. do you have any idea? also I read manual but can't find any thing for this problem. Installer is Installer.hta in Common folder but I think need a switch command for run it.
  7. I set Seconds=0; but still show list of software then begin Install them. there is any way to hide this page?
  8. Hi. I want after run WPI.exe, then show installer page (mean begin install softwares) and don't show List of softwares and timer. but I don't know how can do it. please guide me. Thanks.
  9. Hi. I need a way for integrated Softwares like Windows update before Installing Windows. Note: I know how can install softwares during insatlling windows, I only a way for Integrated them. also i don't want add package because my softwares aren't portable. Please Guide me. Thanks.
  10. Is your mean reboot system after first logon? This is a part of my autoattended.xml file that don't work. <OOBE> <HideEULAPage>true</HideEULAPage> <HideLocalAccountScreen>true</HideLocalAccountScreen> <HideOnlineAccountScreens>true</HideOnlineAccountScreens> <HideWirelessSetupInOOBE>true</HideWirelessSetupInOOBE> <NetworkLocation>Home</NetworkLocation> <ProtectYourPC>1</ProtectYourPC> </OOBE> <UserAccounts> <AdministratorPassword> <PlainText>true</PlainText> <Value></Value> </AdministratorPassword> <LocalAccounts> <LocalAccount wcm:action="add"> <Group>Administrators</Group> <Name>Administrator</Name> <Password> <PlainText>true</PlainText> <Value></Value> </Password> </LocalAccount> </LocalAccounts> </UserAccounts> <FirstLogonCommands> <SynchronousCommand wcm:action="add"> <CommandLine>C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /c shutdown -r -t 0</CommandLine> <Description>Reboot_System</Description> <Order>1</Order> </SynchronousCommand> <SynchronousCommand wcm:action="add"> <CommandLine>c:\Windows\Setup\Scripts\Run.exe</CommandLine> <Description>Install_Softwares</Description> <Order>2</Order> </SynchronousCommand> </FirstLogonCommands>
  11. I Used FirstLogonCommands but problem is after come to desktop, my command is execute. while i want run command before come to desktop.
  12. yes, now work very well. thanks
  13. because at first I added All updates to install.wim and this work give me above error. but when I don't added KB3081444 to install.wim, windows install correctly. I want know why I can't add KB3081444 to install.wim? because this work make give me error. thanks.
  14. Hi. I download new windows 10 upodates (.msu files) and tried to integrated them to install.wim, but after try installing, I get this error: I searched in google and find windows 10 download link with August Update. and see this Note about how integrated update files to windows: DISM /add-package and /resetbase (Indexes, boot.wim and winre.wim):KB3081440, KB3081436 DISM /add-package and /resetbase (Additional - Indexes only):KB3074678, KB3074686, KB3087916 after do above note, windows installed correctly without any error. with this explanations I want know how can understand (eg: KB3081440 should be integrated with boot.wim and not install.wim?) Thanks.