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  1. hi i have Connected using the dk5 method but using 'http://hddhelp.com.ua/7200-12.htm' ... i am getting LED:000000CC FAddr:000075A5 this message continuously Please help me what to do....? Update: i tried to insert Business card ..now i am not getting that LED error.. but when i press CTRL + Z ... prompt F3 is not coming ...please help me...
  2. Hi Seagate 7200.12 st31000524as MY HDD is not detecting @ bios... i have faced similar issue in my 7200.11 also....i recovered all my data using DK5 method.... when i try to use that method in 7200.12 ... @ hyperterminal i am not getting anything after pressing Ctrl Z.. i tries swapping TX & RX.... no use... Please help... i have very important data... its just 3 months old HDD
  3. My HDD Seagate 500GB ..is bricked i think..from yesterday my PC is not detecting it... i dont have any backup... i want to recover my data ...please tell me whether i can followo the guide posted here or i should give it to seagate? if i give it to seagate will they recover my data? please tell me i have read the whole doc.. I will try 'www.mapleleafmountain.com' method... thanks to evryone!