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  1. yep i have the latest 15.53, at least in the nvidia site
  2. Hi. In the first, sorry for my bad english, i'm portuguese. I have a peculiar problem with my PC, the DPC's in some cases are too high, and make my system break/pause for several seconds, and then my mouse slowdown, my sound is too slow, and break/pause again for several seconds...and this is until I reboot the PC... This strange case happens for several reasons, but the last one, and more often it's when i tried to pass a file, like a movie, or iso, from my main disk, to my second disk in the pc. I've uninstall the Wlan drivers, and Nvidia Drivers for teh graphic cards and chipset, and reinstalled, but nothing seems to work. Here's my etl file, hope you can help. http://www.2shared.com/file/cYXUlh-Y/DPC_Interrupt.html thanks in advance