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  1. Anybody still have SP2 build 2055?

    I confirm that it working. I've also disable windows file protection. Maybe I'll figura an instalation method without safe mode. It's a pleasure to use 1 PC with XP Pro and 5 with Linux
  2. Final Unattended Solutution for drivers

    Thanks, i've some some part of the job and right now I'm trying to make possible the installation of windows xp from the network boot (PXE) from Linux!. I'm stuck into configuration of RIS server on Windows 2003 Server because normaly it made to run only on M$ solutions but i'm sure that I can setup it to boot from my linux server after I discover what it wants. PS. Some help would be very usefull. PM me!
  3. The last week I'm watching this forum and from my point of view it's one of most usefull resources. But using the information from this forum has became very hard because there are a lot of mistakes and everyone if trying to add his solution but in the end there are hundreds of versions and you can't know if yours it good or not or if it's good enought. Other problem it's with the driver disks. There is no way for some one to geretate the perfect driver package. I want to start a project on sourceforge.net for makeing this unattended drivers. I'm looking for volunteers that are common with CSV and especially with batch commands. There are few rules I want to make: - no GUI tools (only command lines) - except maybe if there are no alternative and the gui can be run from batch. - no manual patching! - if i add a new driver to the drivers folder/structure it will be included when I run the compilation script. - the process of building the cd should be made so you don't alter the source cd so if we make version2 with other technology we'll have no problems. - Storage drivers MUST be accesible at textmode boot - the monst important: the contains of the CD must be accesible for network installation. So if I make an ultimate CD it should work for Ultimate network nstall too. - make an simple, step by step, tutorial. I want a team of 4-5 people who are willing to work with me and that have enought time and 5GB of hdd space for testing and can use TourtoiseCVS or other CVS tool.