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  1. Thank U ! This is very handy !
  2. Kwell ! This was one ! A nice one ! For a moment you got me !
  3. It's an old question ..... somehow it can be done. But i don't know how...
  4. Thank you ! Now it works fine !
  5. So , the description is very clear. Somebody has found a way to install this keyboard unattended? Maybe a custom driver pack ?
  6. Nice! This is a to do for me (to work at my site). But now I'm to busy...
  7. I dig Micro$oft. Nice forum, thanks for the tip!
  8. Or you could use AutoIT scripts to do this (compiled). There's a lot of usefull aplications written in AutoIt (it's like a basic language). Try a Google for AutoIT.
  9. AVG Professional Edition.
  10. And it's suposed to pay for it ? My Good !
  11. I've used this program from he was born. I found it very handy and to be sure...i can't wait to have RC8. This is a very good job.
  12. Just asking... can we choose a custom image for boot screen ?
  13. I try too with a hexa editor but.....nothing. Why should be so hard to change an ordinary text / colour when are so many ways to change advanced dll's ?
  14. Interesting ! So far i found this : At least you can use it!
  15. Or better, you can search with Google for Flyakite OSX wich come in two flavours (version 1 or 2). But it's not an unattended install. Give it a try !