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  1. I did everything by the book,your guide, but I cant mount image... its win7x86, and I have win7 ultimate os... it says: Mount Path: D:\s2\Mount Image File: D:\s1\sources\install.wim Image Index: 5 Mounted R/W: 1 Opening WIM...please wait... ERROR: Unable to mount image. ERROR: ??? I tried this: 1.start CMD in Admin-mode and put in dism.exe /Cleanup-Wim but it didint helped. I can only mount image if I select IMAGE INDEX to 2 but then I cant do this tweak.exe /m it fails on MOUNTING REGISTRY FILES. WHAT TO DO? I even try just to run vlite and remove some staff but during instalation it says ˝CD\DVD drive device driver is missing˝. Even try installing it from USB same problem. SO HOW TO MOUNT IMAGE, PLEASE.