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  1. johnhc finally you was right.the ISO was the problem.I downloaded another ISO(WinXP X64 SP2 OEM)and everything is ok.thanks a lot
  2. i tryed enabling the services,no luck.the ISO is from a torrent.i'll try to download different ISO from another torrent.
  3. no,every time i use nlite,i first delete the old source in the directory and copy again the source from the iso to the directory. Last Session.ini
  4. I have the same problem here.when i install the original ISO of windows xp x64 SP2,there isn't any problem.when i use nlite and remove some components i have several problems.first of all,quick launch doesn't work.it says cannot create toolbar.second,internet explorer also doesn't work.it is not existed in any of the programm files folder.and finally i don't have greek regional settings and greek keyboard.with nlite i removed all other languages and keyboards except greek.(I use windows xp x64 SP2 with NET 3.5 SP1)and also when i try to install directX 9.0 it stops me all the time saying something about digital rights...