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  1. Hi all. Just registered, this is my first post, but I've been lurking for a couple of weeks. I've been using RT7Lite to install W7 on a couple of netbooks, and it's been extremely useful. I did find a small bug. Host system: Windows 7 64-bit Enterprise RT 7 Lite version: 1.0.9 Target system: Windows 7 32-bit Enterprise Steps to replicate: 1. Use RT7Lite to remove any component (I removed a language) 2. Apply and Commit the change 3. Make an ISO 4. Install on a test machine (physical or virtual) 5. Go to Control Panel->System and Security->System->Allow remote access OR Control Panel->System and Security->System->Advanced system settings->Remote 6. Enable Remote Desktop 7. Go to Control Panel->System and Security->Windows Firewall->Advanced Settings->Inbound Rules *** 8. Scroll down, the item named "Remote Desktop (TCP-In)" in the "Remote Desktop" group will be missing *** 9. Click on "New Rule...", select Predefined, the Remote Desktop item will be missing from the drop-down list. Although the specific bug itself is easy to correct by creating a custom rule, there's no reason the entry should disappear from Windows Firewall, especially since all I did was to remove a language. It's an indication of some unwanted interaction occurring during the modification of the install files, and whatever it is may be creating other bugs that we just haven't seen yet. I'll keep testing and report back if I find anything else amiss. Anyway, I'd like to thank ben for a really useful tool. Awesome job, dude.