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  1. Maybe This UDF Reader 2.5 can be of any help??? Cheers...
  2. Yeah... Yeah... me too... Actually i'm using FF v 48.0.2 rarely & FF 40 mainly (more addons)... So FF 51 isn't a priority at all... Just curious to see how far could go W2K in this XXI century (the time of tablets & smartphones) Cheers
  3. Hi, mixit thank for your attention and interest.... Don't Worry mixit i didn't mean to be... ' rude' calling it ' solution ' i was just copying/pasting the original name without even think about the exact meaning of the word and the consequencies there of... very kind of you...and please don't feel sorry i usually like to feel free to try unpredictable SOLUTIONS The instruction at "0x00004000" referenced memory at "0x00004000". The memory could not be "read". xul.dll & prefs.js modded FF PORTABLE: FirefoxPortableNightly_51.0_Alpha_1_Pre_English_online.paf.exe --> firefox-51.0a1.en-US.win32.installer.exe At least we've tried to do something ( kludgy ) about it Thanks & Cheers P.D. Behind every successful action there's a lot of unsaccessful trial & error
  4. Unfortunately, The Solution it didn't work... it's still crashing... Thanks, though... cheers
  5. Thanks a lot for your valuable information, mixit very kind of you to share it... i,ve read it & executed now let me try the results.... (rebooting from 7 to w2k-usp-ext-krn to try) ... thanks again hkrnt
  6. further investigations by a sick W2K-guy i've examined firefox.exe v with dependency walker and found a missing dll named concrt140.dll related with Visual 2015... copied the dll in FF P folder and run it again now it says more then before Error: The procedure entry point CoGetInterceptor could not be located in the dynamic link library ole32.dll i don't know if this can be of any help... thanks, regards P.D. i didnt notice your post Tom, anyway
  7. Yes, Tom i'm agree with you and... i've try to install FF P(ortable) v 49 and ERROR on w2k Then i've installed FF P v. and it runs fine XPCOM from wikipedia (interesting...) cheers
  8. Thanks a LOT guys for the quick & efficient reply "...Let us hope then that BlackWingCat will do something about this issue..." I'm agree with you, Tom. Thanks again and cheers hckrnt
  9. Thanks, Tom I'm using various versions of FF portable edition (12, 36, 38, 40, 43, 45 and 48) 'cause it's a much more simple and efficient way to test if FF's addons are still working on new FF versions To be completely honest..now that you said it... yes, when opening Updates page freezes for only few seconds ( i thought it was due to too opened tabs: 46 !!! ) But... nope 'cause i've tried to open it with only 2 or 3 tabs already open and the page is still freezing a bit... I've installed FF 5.1 alpha portable and for the first time on w2k usp52 ext. kern. it refuses to start the ERROR is: firefox.exe - Application Error Couldn't load XPCOM. The instruction at "0x00004000" referenced memory at "0x00004000". The memory could not be "read". Click on OK to terminate the program i've tried to start the exe with Application Compatibility Launcher but nothing change Please someone can confirme that is a general problem and not a peculiarity of my W2K + USP52 + EXT KRN installation THANKS a lot P.D. Obviously FF 5.1a is running smoothely on W7-U-SP1
  10. Hi Tomasz, Using FF48 on w2k your site is loading super-fast !!!!! Thanks Tomasz & Cheers...
  11. Hi Tomas, Your new site work wonderfully, i've downloaded HFSLIP2000-FullPack.7z from dropbox: everything fine! As always, thanks a lot for your invalueble efforts to keep W2K alive... Cheers... P.S. Take care of yourself, please...
  12. Hi, Tomasz is good to see you again... i'm perfectly agree with what Tommy Honey said: And i'd like to add that i'm still using win2000 EXT KRN O.S. on my old laptop acer aspire 4320 in dual boot with win7U... and even now prefering, for a good number of reasons, the feel of freedom & speedness that the old NT5 is giving to me cheers to the NT5 people
  13. ....Speaking of true color icons is not so far from the concept of pictures videos & audios (mp3, etc.) thumbnail preview in explorer... So, maybe W2K-USP52-EXT KRN users may be interested in checking Media Preview, media file thumbnailing enhancer for Windows 32 & 64 bit Next To The MetalTo develop any application, an IT crew has a large choice of technology sets, each one fitted for their own particular purposes. Media Preview being a shell extension directly connected to the low layers of Windows, it could easily crash your system if we didn't use the right tools and followed bad design principles. Here's some technical explanations of how we choose to do it. No Java , no .Net Both the Java and .Net platforms took the lead for high-level and server-side applications, and are more and more suited for general purposes. However, a nasty flaw in their design still prevent them to be used for shell extensions like Media Preview, as it can lead to some serious system unstabilities. Both platforms are designed to run on top of a virtual machine, which conveniently hides some system management complexities to programmers. Those virtual machines have also evolved over time to become more efficient and include more functionalities, but their different versions came with binary incompatibilities. Most of the times, this issue can be resolved by keeping several versions of the virtual machine. But, as only one version can be loaded in a process at any given time, this solution cannot work for shell extensions: if an application runs on a specific version of the virtual machine and calls a shell extension that needs to load another version in the same process, this will simply result in a crash. For Media Preview, this would typically happen when an application opens a file open dialog, which in turn asks for thumbnail display. .Net 4.x actually allows to load an earlier version side-by-side in the same process. But the more likely converse situation where an earlier version tries to load 4.x still doesn't work. Moreover, by calling a dependent shell extension, every application would henceforth have to load a full-blown virtual machine at least to generate thumbnails, even if they originally didn't need it. So, those platforms definitively aren't a good fit here. No DirectShow It would seem natural to directly use your system playback capabilitites to read media files and extract thumbnails. In Windows, this is done through DirectShow, a flexible rendering pipeline that can easily get broken when badly configured. Third-party media thumbnail extractors usually require to be installed along related media solutions to ensure that everything works as expected, reconfiguring your DirectShow setup and probably breaking some playback capabilities along the way. As thumbnail extractor and media player needs aren't the same, separating the extractor engine from the playback engine is actually a better idea. More importantly, DirectShow is gradually being phased out by Media Foundation. That's why Media Preview doesn't use DirectShow at all but uses its own dedicated engine. C++ Only As a shell extension is really close to the core of your system, the fewer layers we put between the extension and the shell, the better the extension will perform. So after forgetting about adding a Java or .Net layer, and getting rid of the DirectShow layer, we searched for a programming tool that proved itself to be quite a fit for structured low-level development: C++ became our final choice. Entirely free of any intermediate layer, Media Preview is just next to the metal, and performs using optimized low-level operations by avoiding duplicated resources and freeing them as soon as possible. You'll hardly find anything else more suited to your thumbnailing needs. FreeWareLatest Version: Release Date: April 13th, 2014File Size: 14.7MB http://www.babelsoft.net/products.htm#en It works perfectly well with my 32 bit win2000-USP52-EXT KRN For the first time,at last, since year 2000 when i bought this amazingly solid rock O.S. i'm enjoying gorgeous thumbnails preview on mp3 files embedded covers... Cheers hackerontes
  14. Hi mr_maguire, I think is talking about Pitaschio ------------------------------------------ Title Pitaschio Version 2.26 Date May 7, 2009 Requirements Windows 2000/XP/Vista Developer Ara E-Mail ara999@gmail.com URL http://pitaschio.ara3.net/(English) http://ara.moo.jp/(Japanese) ------------------------------------------ ### What is Pitaschio ? ### Pitaschio is a freeware which makes it convenient to use Microsoft Windows. Pitaschio includes a large number of useful functions. For example: Snap a window to other windows when moving and resizing Restrict a window position to inside of the screen Always keep a window above all other windows Minimize a window to the system tray Use small icons in the desktop Disable Windows key, Insert key, Alt key etc. Lock the mouse or keyboard while cleaning them Take statistics about mouse and keyboard Calculate Moon's age Control the sound volume using the mouse wheel Display the sound volume level on the screen Pitaschio is the essential tool to use windows efficiently. For more detail, please visit my website. Good luck! hackeronte
  15. Yeah, just asking... Any news about new version of Unofficial Update Rollup? Thanks!