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  1. 25a and 25b - rocks...but 26 is awesome
  2. Great news PROBLEMCHYLD
  3. Hello! Can somebody tell me: It there OSR 2.x Pan European version? Or Pan European version was only original Win95?
  4. Which variant is more stable and most updated? Win 98SE + SESP 3.0 beta 4 or Win 98FE + UFESP 2.58 Or there is no differences? Thanks in advance
  5. Thanks. Useful information Why so much?
  6. I'm testing last USP on a real hardware (p3slot1,512mb,voodoo3). 4 days intensive work - no crashes detected
  7. Is this optional?
  8. I want to install Office 97 after USP 3.4. I'm interesting will Office 97 overwrite new system files installed by USP 3.4 with old files?
  9. Do you have any plans for ME Service Pack?
  10. I will be ready to test new version
  11. Yes please
  12. I also used it with my camera
  13. Correct me if I wrong but WIA *help* works with scanners and cameras