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  1. I was poking around my device manager, saw I had a PCI multi in-out controller. I remember people having problems with graphics cards and multi-card slot readers. Thought to myself hmmm... So I disabled it and now no more interrupts. ::crosses fingers:: It was a really old product I was using to work a touch-screen IIRC. Right now it will just be disabled, but I will pull it later. Awesome thread. MagicAndre you're a great person for helping all these people, even if you couldn't help me specifically. I learned a lot with your tutorial. Thanks again!
  2. You've helped so many people, patiently, and created a wonderful guide to walk us through it. I made it almost to the very end, but feel like I've stumbled on the last hurdle. My CPU is pegged at 80-100%, no iPhone/apple products. Home built computer. Started some weeks ago running slow, thought it was a virus at first. Anyway, I can't seem to get the symbols to load properly, or they are unable to interpret the data correctly. It seems like this is the culprit: 0xfffff880041d1b10, , 3650421, 0.013408, 0.002767, 10101.914852, 18.18, 13.647265, 42880.785127 obviously, I have no clue what that belongs to. I attached CPUZ and screenshot data below. Actual data collected is too big to post. Nforce4 boards are no longer supported. I updated my ethernet controller with an nforce5 driver, seems to work fine. Not sure what to try next. JAKG-PC.txt