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  1. Thanks Cahnging DoNotShowIfUSB:true did it and it works fine
  2. i did replace global.js in WPIScripts directory the same thing nothing is showing
  3. I did extract it to a folder on the on desktop computer without doing anything and the buttons shows up so i can configure it but not on usb i will refer to the manual and see
  4. I have the same problem I have copied all the (WPI_v8.6.3) file to the root of my usb flash (formatted with FAT32) when double click wpi.exe a window opens with no option to configure or anything else BLANK
  5. but where to put add these lines i am beginner
  6. Dear Bâshrat First of all thanks, but i want to scann the external hard disk for drivers not in unattended mode hope it is clear
  7. It is an External HDD (like laptop hard disk with case) with USB connection By the way i have all the driver packs unpacked on the external hard disk and other drivers also
  8. Any help please !!!!
  9. How to tell windows to search from my ecternal hard disk in all folders and subfolders. when windows search for new driver it only goes to floppy CD and windows diectory other wise i have to point to the folder with correct driver instead i want to search all folders and subfolders
  10. Is it possible to format the hard disk similar way but make 2 patitions equal what ever the size is 50% and 50%
  11. Thanks all i will do that from today
  12. Anyone have a ready windows xp pro with all modifyed files and screens and icons fully unattended for download ... only the directories , modified files and extra files with the I386 standard files.
  13. I would love to have it