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  1. Help! I believe my hdd is in bsy state, as it was suddenly no longer detected in bios and there is no other explanation imo. This is what I have: ST31000340AS Barracuda 7200.11 SATA 3Gb/s 1-TB Hard Drive, firmware sd15 (manufactured sept 2008) I believe that's all correct. When I load hyper terminal, I don't get the prompt "F3 T>" and when I press ctrl +z, I get an arrow, ->. Does this lack of prompt mean the hdd is not connected? I have enabled echo typed characters locally in hyperterminal. Port settings are correct, 38400 8 n 1. I also tried both tx-tx rx-rx and tx-rx rx-tx. I've also tried both the 3.3 and the 5v power, of course making no difference. Using xp pro.