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  1. Or maybe you could try using another Ramdisk, there are several freeware ones. A list is here: jaclaz thanks, I'll check it out. My primary reason for using Dataram RAMdisk was that it uses a file as a disk container and has periodic autosave. But those are probably not that rare, at least I hope so.
  2. Thank you. Yes, that's a RAM disk for Firefox (MUCH faster and more responsive). I will disable it and test. Which trace did you check, though? OK, tested. Shame on me for ignoring RAM disk. With RAM disk disabled, Windows shuts down in under 30 seconds. Funny thing is that it takes 30 seconds to save the disk and (without it) about 20 seconds to shutdown Windows, but when RAM disk is enabled shutdown takes around 4 minutes. How is that possible? Anyway, thanks for pointing that out! I guess I'll have to remember to unload RAM disk before each reboot.
  3. I sent you links in PM.
  4. Would you mind checking my traces, please? For me, Windows takes about 3-5 minutes to shutdown.