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  1. Just did this for the LBA 0 error and it totally worked. My drive and files are back! FYI mine was a seagate 500 gb STM3500820AS, which I bought as an Iomega Prestige external hard drive. (I'm providing all these details in hopes that the next poor soul can find this in a google search). One day it just stopped being detected in USB, so I took it out of the usb<->sata enclosure and plugged it into my motherboard to discover it was reporting 0 GB. This model and firmware weren't reported as being affected, but I tried it anyway. Glad I did! I used a CA-42 nokia data cable, as that seemed like the most straightforward method. Seagate doesn't seem to have a firmware update for it since it is OEM, and Iomega is unhelpful. I guess I'll just keep the cable handy in case it happens again. It worked fine for a year before this happened. Thanks for posting this!