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  1. ok, I've checked the traces and can't find any slowness. Your boot takes 14s to the desktop and 18s till all startup programs are loaded. Your 4GHz i7 and the SSD are doing a good job. The shutdown is also fast. It takes 10s (5s to stop the services and 3.6 to stop the running programs, the rest is shutdown the kernel). There is nothing to worry. Everything is fast and fine. André So why do errors keep generating in the performance log?
  2. ANDRE: Please examine. I'm getting slow shutdowns (I traced boot and shutdown though). I emailed you the RAR password (same for both). http://cid-ed4fc981b1ebf0a2.skydrive.live.com/redir.aspx?resid=ED4FC981B1EBF0A2!123&Bpub=SDX.Docs&Bsrc=GetSharingLink