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  1. My apologies jaclaz, for broken link, it was a copy past from SW, and I've not slept all night.
  2. Unable to get Win 10 entitlement on Dell PCs COA sticker "Win 7 Pro OA India" I used an answer XML that didnt work too well and had to remove a few fields from it as WSIM would not validate those fields. Now this is the F up.. Not a single of my Genuine Dell machines has gotten activated. Used this method with fresh Win 10 1511 on an SSD.. Robert5205 May 20, 2016 at 12:43 AM Well, here's a tip. Stop doing it that way. Do it my way. I've upgraded 250 PCs in less than 2 months part-time. 1. Get an SSD. 2. Get a Win10 ISO. 3. Open PC. Connect SSD. 4. Do a full install of Win 10 to the SSD. Get your entitlement. 5. Reconnect original HD. 6. Repeat with next PC and Goto 3. [Edited to clarify that I re-use the SSD for each subsequent PC. Also, FYI, that you must do an install of W10, either in-place or clean, to get the entitlement. Simply booting to an existing install of W10 will not do it. This is the comprehensive thread where I tested every combination of upgrade/restore: And this one shed some more light on this: ] Why is it not working? Their has COA sticker Win 7 Pro OA India. Do I need to use a different .ISO for this? I used the EN-US as most of my machines come from US, but this org I'm helping has these. . Is there a quick shortcut fix? Which "flavor" MSDN ISOs do I need to download?
  3. Loving this thread. Will have to apply this stuff and then post back.
  4. Windows 8.1 2 in 1 Tablet tied to unused Hotmail account whose password is forgotten? I have some old family folks who did not realize they created this, then they lent the machine to another old family member and now nobody remembers this password and this Outlook/ Hotmail account was never used by them. Apparently it was created by them when they went through the OOBE fresh machine process scenario. I am doing some major tech house cleaning for them. I doubt if we can do a reset via MS/ Hotmail and get a new password as we do not really have access to the Hotmail account as it was never used by anyone. Any other ideas on bypassing this, using some Boot CD to get through this?
  5. To Deploy a VHD to all domain PCs/ Laptops and set up for Native Boot? Not sure if this will do better as a Discussion or Q&A (mods feel free to switch), but I need answers for the 4 parts. Win 2008 Domain, Mix of Win XP, 7, 8 Machines. Prefer Free/ Gratis ways or Trial/ Freemium also works. I have PDQ Deploy Free but not sure if it can help? Will Spiceworks or LANSweeper help or something else? Dont have SCCM or time to set it up. Have downloaded MDT but not started using it as yet. In General - Prerequisite Task?? : Part 1: - Terminal Services/ Remote Services are not enabled - How can I enable them for access across the Domain so that I can log in as Domain\Admin for some night time tasks & cleanup activity? - And later Disable this to prevent misuse? Specific Task - 2 parts: Part 2: - One of these tasks is to drop a VHD (Mostly 7/8/10 based) to the C or D or E drive of the Machine, Set it up for Native Boot and run it to execute some stuff - Since most machines are GigE and dont have USB 3 I'd prefer to Broadcast/ Multicast/ Copy over the network - Preferably driven from Domain\Administrator side. Is there some smart way/ tool of doing this? Or do I have remotely log into each and create a shared folder/ drive to drop the VHD or broadcast/ multi cast it? Part 3: - When I do this for my own machine it's simpler: Either using BCDBOOT.EXE or EasyBCD at times. - I've also found some Powershell/ BAT script commands to invoke and call BCDBOOT to create the boot entry. But this is usually TUNED to a SPECIFIC PATH on my machine. In person task (maybe possible to minimize in Person by configuring some remote stuff) Part 4: PS: I'd prefer to do most part of this from MY MACHINE, except for the EVENTUAL NATIVE BOOT for which I will have to be there in PERSON (Unavoidable at Booting??). Or Maybe I can make the Boot entry default to the VHD, and ensure/ configure VHD such that the VHD has some "Remote Access" from my machine/ Admin? Thoughts/ suggestions on how I can do the various parts of the process (as much as possible from my desk).
  6. If manufacturers did everything perfectly, then there would not much to discuss on the forums. Be it here or Thinkpad Forums; tons of community knowledge. And you want to see how CLEAR are things from Microsoft.. See the number of Win 10 licensing related threads on forums; .e.g. Spiceworks and here.
  7. I find its easier to tap the forums for information that is common to all. I love helping and getting help that way. So, given the Win 10 upgrade deadline is coming up, I have to check this again.
  8. Suddenly started getting Notification Emails for all previously subscribed threads If memory serves me right I had most of them set to "No Notifications" and now all of them are "immediate notification" Why was this done? PS: How can I convert all / most back to No Notifications without having to do it for each thread?
  9. Interesting. But I am guessing the compression thing wouldnt be super slow on an SSD and be worth the space saving on the SSD?
  10. Reassigning drive letters automatically
  11. How much of Space does the WIMBoot option save? Can it be used with a Custom Install WIM? Can it be used on a VHD (Dynamic)?
  12. This little tidbit about WinNTSetup from this link - Can someone clarify/ elaborate on this? Its a bit confusing.
  13. How stable/ buggy/ risky is it on Win 8.1? and 10? I remember reading earlier that it needed lot manual steps and hacks. And if it crashed, you lost shell and recovery was also a lot of effort.. Any easy scripting/ automated install/ uninstall?
  14. Deploy & Compare VHDs of many portable Windows To Go WTG Creators Apps with your support A. What I'd like to do: 1. Deploy VHDs created by each of these tools. - I'll be doing many instances of this, so I'd like to make it as SIMPLE, EASY & AUTOMATED as possible. - Deploy with minimal interaction, configured & working devoid of pesky features, such as Windows update disabled - Open to other suggestions on these sample deployments - Whether I should VM or Native Boot them? I am wondering which of the following I should use as I am familiar with DISM - DISM (DISM++/ DISM GUI) + Silent/ UnattendedAnswerFile.Xml + MSDN ISO - Install.Wim {Would it better to extract it ahead of time} (Also, how do I add .xml on commandline when I am booting from DVD/ .ISO - via a USB Flashdisk?) Do I need any of the following? + Customized Install.wim - Customize using.. ?? + Some of the MDL Tools like MSMG Toolkit + I did read about MDT and I am wondering if it would be overkill to learn for this.. ?? 2. Compare how they are deployed - Understand the differences - File/ Directory Structure Comparison - I'm gonna use Beyond Compare for that - Registry Comparison - Any recommendations on apps that can do this well for entire Reg? - Any other comparisons I should perform to see differences B. WTG Creators under evaluation: (Open to try any more app suggestions as well) - WTG - Enterprise - DISM – Powershell Scripts - WTG Creator – extracted for use in – Pro Volume - WinNTSetup - MSFN - WinToUSB - AOMEI Partition Assistant - WiNToBootic - Easy2Boot/ RMPrepUSB - Rufus Maybe some more. deploy, compare, vhd, wtg, windows-to-go
  15. Even with DISM I can & have applied non Enterprise editions.. i.e. Pro to my VHDs. .. with 8.1 Update 1 No worries, I'll take care of the licensing & activation. I dont care much for the SanPolicy and Recovery Console thing as well. So, does it do/ add any thing else? Any registry stuff.. apparently WinToUSB maybe does {some threads on their forums}. I ask because of this little gem - Is this something that Windows starts thinking automatically? I am curious. I dont intend to use an external Flash.. Just internal drives.. but everything contained in VHDs.