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  1. Greetings Fernando and other OS experts. Hi to all from NYC. Working with PC's since Jan 1987--IBM PC/XT 8088 4.77MHZ! [That's 4.77MHZ --NOT GHZ!] My DELL XPS630 PC is running Vista Home Premium 32 bit updated to SP2. I was trying to boot my Dell XPS630i with a backup Hard Disk from my Dell Precision Workstation 470 running XP Pro SP3. Thought maybe I could get away with swapping the disk right in there with ALL my programs, settings and files! With backup HD from PWS 470 the XPS630 boots to a BSOD Stop error! Tried to boot into Safe Mode--get same BSOD stop error! Question: Do you think it is at all possible somehow to boot it with the PWS 470 Hard Disk and THEN load the NVIDIA nForce RAID and AHCI drivers or use BartPE to do this? I DO NOT even need to run RAID. Although I read many of the posts on the forums, can't find the answer. Thanks in advance for your help and ideas. --Alan