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  1. I have reverse integrated several versions of vista with all of the current updates [link]. I have an install.wim file for each version of vista that I reverse integrated. I merged them into 1 install.wim file [thread] and burned them to a DVD. Now in the vista install if i enter a product key everything goes dandy and it installs the version corresponding with the product key. However if I do NOT enter a product key, instead of showing a list of all of the versions in instal.wim it reads the following error. "Windows could not display the images available for installation." Then kicks you back to the beginning of the DVD. what I've tried: Different versions of vista DVD (oem, retail and MSDN?) Not installing any updates. just installing vista, preforming sysprep, capturing image. tried with .clg files generated from WAIK and without (I really have no idea what these do) Other notes: for now I'm using just x86 installations Any help or input would be greatly appreciated :]