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  1. Just a warning, I installed the nusb22e.exe on my win98se machine and was not able to boot up after. first I got a message saying IOS.vxd in "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\VMM32" was corrupted or missing. Went into safe mode and after searching found that there were 3 instantces of IOS.vxd so I copied one of these extra IOS.vxd's and replaced the 'corrupted" one and rebooted. This stopped the bad IOS.vxd message but still no joy as it would just hang and never reach the desktop screen. Going back into safemode I saw in my 'system' that there was now an "unknown device" where there had'nt been before I ran this program. Tried disabling and even deleting it but I still can'nt boot up fully. Luckily I keep a spare HD with my OS on it which is what I'm useing now but unless I can figure it out I fear I will have to do a full ghost copy of this drive to get the other functioning. I can't say why this happened to me but be careful. What I can tell you is after searching for IOS.vxd on this extra HD I could only find the one instance in "VMM32" so it would seem this program probably creates/manipulates that file.
  2. I know win98se has a 512mb ram limitation. I saw this "Windows 98 SE Service Pack 2.1a" which claims to 'solve the 512mb problem'. Would this be a good idea to try or is there a better way? heres the link.