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  1. I will Welp $$$ how can solve my problem ;

  2. Hello m8's... IM having a problem with RT7Lite i wold like to know if some "geek" can help me .... I have a toshiba x305 and the hotkeys are not working even with the lateste TVAP instaled (TVAP, stands for tohisba value added pack, or also know as hotkey's features software and drivers pack) ... I also did a rt7lite and i found out that the problem only exist If I remove one component (reguardlles of the component that i chose to remove)... Wen i dont remove any thing all wokrs well... I am usin a Microsoft Original OEM Windows 7 Ultimate x32 as the base ISO ... Im not the only user with this problem as you can see here in the official RT forum (AND MORE INFO ON THIS PROBLEM): Hope some one can help me....