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  1. Hi again Fernando! I checked all that and tried again. I could install Windows with v10.3.0.46 drivers but I keep having the same problems... Maybe Windows works a bit faster but there is not much diference beetwen now and before... It's really strange...
  2. Ooops, I didn't know that... I got a BSOD with 0x0000007B error before I could manage partitions, but I don't know what does this error exactly means It was the first driver I tried. I downloaded from Asus web site but I got the same BSOD, that's why I started to search and I found your drivers. The only ones that worked were v11.1.0.33 but with all these problems. Anyway, I'll download v10.3.0.46 from your link and I'll try again May it be problem of the motherboard? I bought it last month so it might be defective... Although it's been working in IDE mode without any problem... Thanks for your help!!
  3. Hi, Thanks for this guide, Fernando. It's really helpful I´m having problems to install Windows XP 32 in AHCI mode in my asus M4N78 PRO motherboard with Geforce 8300 Chipset. I tried to integrate SATA_IDE driver v11.1.0.43 but didn't work, so I did with v11.1.0.33 drivers (I read it in page 91). I have succeed to install OS but it doesn't seem to work properly... Windows has become slow, HDD don't appear as "removable devices", I can´t enable NCQ... Is it normal?? Sorry for my bad English Thanks!!