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  1. @wimb is there a way to log in as Admin at boot ? and not as system user ?
  2. ahh my fault. i was not logged in as admin ... strange...without aero it takes 5 minutes to login as admin after over 10 minutes ... thanks for your help
  3. themes and uxsms service working at services.
  4. hmm looks like Aero is diasbled ?
  5. i´m logged in as admin but, just click on the .reg files dont work.i have no access ?!
  6. okay i used make pe3. what must i do to run this services in my pe3 for aero ?(sessionenv, themes and seclogon) my procedure 1. logged in as admin 2. copy dwmcore.dll,UIAutomationCore.dll,themecpl.dll,themeservice.dll,themeui.dll,thumbcache.dll from win7 to my pe3 3. export registry entries from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SYSTEM\ CurrentControlSet\ Services\ (sessionenv, themes and seclogon) and add they to pe3 sorry for my english
  7. Hello thanks for make_pe3! It works great, but how can i change the desktop icon/taskbar size before i build the iso?