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  1. Hi, I just wanted to thank everyone who has worked hard to come up with this solution. I must say that I am very disappointed with Seagate and that I don't think I'll buy any of their HD's any time soon. Anyway, you guys saved my data, AND my HD with the hyperterminal solution. THANKS! I also would like to contribute a little to the information... Anyone trying this solution who owns a Nokia cable type DLR-3P, can also use it to do a partition regeneration. The cable connects to the serial com port on one side and to a Nokia phone on the other side. You must cut off the side that connects to the phone and expose the wires. Wire you will be using: RED - vcc (3.3v) BLACK - Ground. Grey - Rx Green - Tx (I may have mixed up the Rx and Tx I don't have the cable with me. I'll update the post when I take a look) That's it. Now follow the instruction on this thread. You can also search google for "seagatefix" to find an explanation with images. Cheers.