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  1. Hi Kullenen,I have been doing alot of research into win7 Pe's over the past few months and have realized that this project your working on appears to be the best out there. Let me rephrase this... The BEST BY FAR... it seems to me that most people and their projects are more concerned with building a PE with as much crap as possible instead of investing the time to figure out how to get a fully functional shell working first. So i have been trying to carefully read over your posts and have some success and failures replicating what you have spelled out in this forum thread. And i am realizing more and more that this is going to be a long ongoing battle between registry,dll's, and components to get everything right. So.. now i am just going to throw this out there and ask the ultimate question... Is it possible for you to give us your registry hives for x86 and export your file list??? This would save alot of time and frustration for all. PS. I just wanted you to know from what i can tell you are GOD when it comes to PE's and keep up the good work. Thanks