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  1. Thanks for the replies, Bloubul and jaclaz jaclaz, it is the i365 division you mentioned. At least that was the link he gave me. Here was the full email:
  2. I have the 7200.11 and got the BSY issue. I contacted Seagate and they seem to agree it's one of the HDD's suffering from the defect issue. They offered this solution: "We provide a service to update the firmware on the drive if you cannot. This may be able to restore the drive to proper operation (and thus the data). " Basically, I send it in and they upgrade the firmware (not sure how since bios can't see it) and it should solve the problem. But I was told by someone that if they upgrade the firmware, I will lose the data and won't be ablke to read the drive anymore? Does anyone know either way whether this firmware upgrade would help, hurt, or not effect the problem one way or another? I'm willing to try the solution in post #1, but it's a little intimidating to someone like me who had no experience with electronics ... plus I'd have to order stuff in. So if just sending it in for a firmware upgrade would help, that seems like the easiest route? Thanks for any advice you can offer.