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  1. Wanted to inform you that i was able to retrieve all of my data using a CA-42 USB cable. I had a 500GB in BSY state. It was extremely easy and worked on the first try! Thank you all so much for putting this forum together! Now that i have my data backed up, could i run a firmware update to prevent BSY state from happening again?
  2. I have the same exact drive with the same problem. After contacting Seagate support, i was told that our SD81 firmware is not affected with the BSY error... After many attempts to prove them wrong, i realized i was fighting an uphill battle and gave up. I have since ordered a USB Fix cable to attmpt the repair myself. I will let you know if it works as i also have family photos, etc at risk of loosing.. I'll keep you posted!
  3. Has anyone used this, any feedback if this will work?
  4. I have a 7200.11 ST3500320AS Barracuda with SD81 firmware that's bricked. It's not recognized in BIOS on multiple machines. Bought it a year ago and Seagate does not acknowledge that this model is affected, however after reading this entire forum, i have the same issue as many others. Would anyone be willing to sell me the proper cable to get my drive back to life? If needed, i can even send it back to you. I'm at risk of loosing all of baby's photos!