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  1. I had an interesting event take place. I have a ST3750330AS, 750GB, 7200.11 with SD15. It went non-operational on me, and after a bunch of research and buying the special Nokia cable, was able to get it back to working. I next tried the Seagate Firmware update process, by creating a bootable CD, which worked well. However, when I went to update the firmware, the firmware updater showed a different drive model installed, an ST31000340AS, instead of the ST3750330AS. I advised Seagate tech support of this, and they reported that since I fixed the drive using a solution from the Internet, I had voided the warranty and they could no longer assist. Can you believe this attitude given the magnitude of a problem they created? Anyhow, if anyone has an idea on what may have gone wrong for me, I would appreciate hearing it. Maybe it was something to do with one of the character strings that I typed in during the 'fix'. The HD does in fact work now, just unable to update the firmware.