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  1. hi, thanks for reply. I will try it later. But, if my hdd already crashed, i cant even using unattended to install my window? as i feel to edit the setting you guide me....
  2. Hi, i had come to this screen. I click format or delete partition.. both not working, After completed the proceess, i jst found out all the old program file sttill there....
  3. Hi death dragon, Is that you want using chinese character so you want copy the i386 folder into your C drive? I am facing the same issue as well, but i create a folder $$i386$$ and all the file will copy in. Kindly correct me, if i am wrong >,<
  4. Hi All, I am new here. Hello everyone. I had created unattended cd with beginner version and its working well. But, i found it cant format C drive before it installing the window xp. Is that any script need to add-on? Thanks for help.