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  1. Here it is. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/9568645/DPC_Interrupt.etl As a side note, I did updated my BIOS yesterday with the latest MSI chipset with no improvement in latency. Looking forward to ideas G
  2. Hi Andre, everybody, I am very happy to bump into this forum, since DPC problem is giving me headache for a while without any solution.... My setup is Quadcore 6600, Geforce GX 460, 3 gb ram windows vista home. I am using EMU 0404 usb audio interface and having latency during both playback and recording. Other notes: I downloaded the symbols as described Checking my IRQ I see that my usb ports are shared with my video card. Just recently changed my card from another NVDIA and no change in latency (perhaps even worse?) Daemon tools is installed in my system but during xperf logging I deactiviated all virtual drives and shut down its process I am using an MSI mainboard. I havent updated my BIOS since I was a a bit scared with all those user agreements and advice in their website: i.e. If you are content with your system, dont flash your BIOS ...etc Attached is my xperf output. I have an unknown driver and perhaps the video card taking the lead? Any help with identifying the problem and finding a solution is much appreciated... Thanks in advance Goky