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  1. IT STILL DOES NOT SUPPORT FULLY WPF FUNCTIONALITY!!! Hi There, I installed NetFx35W2KRC3.exe on Win2K without any error. Used EZ, and I was able to make my WPF app to come up. However, all the images I used for my app could not be shown. (They were in resource/xaml). Another problem is that when I closed the app, it disappeared, but checked again Task Manager, the process was still there. This issue applies to any WPF application which use images. I tried to unpack NetFx35W2KRC3.exe, and install separated components step-by-step to find out the reason. There only thing failed was Windows Imaging Component 3.0 (WIC). In the Japanese version, it says some error which I could not read. I used the equiv. English version and it tells you to not support the OS version you have. Checked again the setup .inf, [Version] Signature="$Windows NT$" [DefaultBranchesServicePacks.WinNt51] 0=WinXP [DefaultBranchesServicePacks.WinNt52] 0=Srv2k3 ---> This is what I added to hack to no avail though!!!! [DefaultBranchesServicePacks.WinNt50] 0=WinXP [sourceInfsBranches] WinXP=update\update_WinXP.inf Srv2k3=update\update_srv2k3.inf I would very much appreciate anyone knows the work around? Thanks