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  1. hehe nice bunnys hmm ok "litte" is he not anymore he is 15 and im 25 hehe^^ and no he helps where he can no nuisance^^ and hm.. ALONE it's not possible to do short pins and input commands.. i should go to the company where that guy said "600 - 800 euro" for data recovery... and laugh at him www.attingo.at ^^
  2. may thanks for this!! it took me 2 hours to geht the input command error.. to get access.. i have the same es.2 as you johnmar with normal points from you johnmar it didn't work after the LED-- error message ctrl+z nothing happened! i had to short your 2 points and the other 2 from this translated page on post #4.. switched this points then the other 2 points.. and somehow it worked! my litte brother made the commands in hyperterminal many times ctrl+z needed.. omg! and now i have copied everything down big thanks for this guide! p.s. never again seagate!!!!!!!!!!!!