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  1. Okok I will didn't kno it has been asked b4...
  2. See FGA In Particular # 7 thx bloubul I will take a look at it...sigh now when I press ctrl + z, nothing happen!! about to give up cuz it's driving me crazy
  3. someone help plzz.. connected everything and after pressing ctrl+z in hyper terminal, it shows some weird characters. anyone know the fix for it? or am I doing sth wrong?
  4. Hi Angus212, Welcome to MSFN There is some reports of drives clicking during BSY. See That particular one was fixed using this method. I do not think it will do any harm trying the fix on a drive with this method even if it is not BSY (unless off course if it is very loud clicks that sounds if something internally is going to break at any time). The rest of the symptoms sounds very much like BSY. Thanks Bloubul I have order the USB to TTL and hope it's gonna work..
  5. Hi all I am not sure if my drive is in the BSY state or not. On pc start POST moment my drive cannot be detected even though it tries to. I can hear the hdd spin up followed by one click sound(5secs after the spin up) then it will spin down. It will try to spin up again, click, spin down over and over again. So is this consider the BSY error? Or it consider a mechanical problem? Cuz I have read some forums saying there shouldn't be any clicking sound when in BSY. If any of you guys can kindly help me out here a bit will be nice. I really want to get all my files back since I use it as a storage drive. Seagate barracuda 7200.11 1TB ST31000333AS w/ SD35 firmware Thank in advance! Anders