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  1. WHICH adapter are you using? i'm using the pololu adapter that supports the 3v-5v range, the one that carter-in-canada recommends (being connected with a straight rs 232 cable to a serial port). i initially used the psu in the computer (measuring out 4.9v), but just switched to the 3v battery this morning. i figured i could use either/or because the adapter supports a range, but whatever. i'm pretty sure my issue has to have something to do with grounding, but i've read the read-me-first and various tutorials, and still cannot figure out what i'm missing.
  2. i've been cracking at this (the BSY) fix for the past few days, and i can only get as far as passing the loopback test. when i plug in the rx, tx, and sata power to the drive, the only feedback i recieve after hitting ctrl + Z is a random character, instead of the prompt. when i throw the ground wire into the drive, i get nothing from the ctrl +z command. i've tried using two power supplies (the 5v psu, and a 3v battery), swapping the rx-tx lines, and grounding everything in sight. i've lightly browsed this thread to see if anyone else had this problem, and just can't figure out what i'm missing. any tips?